Scalping for Dummies

Discussion in 'Trading' started by baillirw, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. baillirw


    I'm a rookie trader, been active for a year now, mostly as a hobby. Sticking mostly to long term trend trading and such, but considering breaking into day trading.
    I've been reading about scalping. From what I've read, it works as follows; 1) Select a fairly liquid, inactive market 2) Enter a limit order at or slightly above the bid price 3) Sell position at ask price. Is that the general idea and how much more is there to it? If I were to start trading tomorrow, how badly would I be blown out of the water or ripped apart by market markers?
  2. And were you good at it?.. If not, what makes you think you'll be good at it if you speed things up 10x faster?, and if so, why quit whats bringing in the dollars?

    If you really wanna day trade, look into trading FX. Do your research though.