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Discussion in 'Trading' started by larrybf, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. Today the quotes for emini futures seemed totally unreliable so i decided to trade some nasdaq volume leading stocks for small scalps. My fills on IB tws were instant and I actually had a surprisingly good day scalping for 12 cent profits - 1.5 cent commisions.. Was today an unusual nasdaq day or can a trader usually make decent profit scalping 10 cents at a time??? Sorry if the question sounds stupid but i have not traded stocks in over 18 months.
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    Do you have more than 25K in your account?

  3. You can make a living at 1 penny a share net profit per trade.

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    I mainly trade NASDAQ stocks looking for intraday breakouts and breakdowns and I saw more follow through and wider ranges than I have seen in a long time. The moves in some of the momentum stocks reminded me of 3 years ago.
  5. It's right next to the balance control on my stereo.
  6. I quit scalping nasdaq last summer, but as of late I have heard from several people that nasdaqs appear to be moving better again. If you don't mind, what type of volume did you push through today total and avg trade? I ask this because if you only did under 500 shares at a time, it would be different than 1-2K and I am wondering if the follow through is coming back that is needed to push through 1000 share positions at the prices you need to get in and out of. Thanks and congrats on a positive day scalping Nasdaq. I don't know anyone who can scalp nas consistently anymore.
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    yes, today was an unusual day in that the market only went in one direction straight out of the gate and never looked back. Barely a pullback, even. A monkey could have pressed the 'long' button today and made money.

    I'm not belittling you in anyway, just saying that these days are not that common.
  8. SPEEDRACER...... I traded 6K of BRCM and 2K QLGC trading 1K at a time. I was shocked how quickly I was filled. Only one trade had a sh...t fill. 4 cents away from the ask. Everyone who replied to me thank you. Maybe today was just a lucky day. Gonna go back to the emini tomorrow. Hopefully the quotes will be working better.
  9. The funny thing about today is I traded wmt and made 90% of my money on the short side. The pullbacks were in the morning and good when available.
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    ...we had the same problem with quotes for the e-mini today ...heard (or were told by our B/D) that the GLobex feed was slow??? Anyway congrats on your Nas success, I don;t know if that will be consistant for any time in the future though, although.....minght be worth a look tommorow.

    Good trading all...

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