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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by londonkid, Oct 23, 2012.

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    I am enjoying trading the eurostoxx50, looking for 4 tick winners and max 3 tick losers, got a small but good edge.

    I am thinking of trying a similar strategy on an exchange traded spread contract in the hope that I can find a larger edge that I can exploit. I am thinking exchange traded spreads as I am fee sensitive I need RT costs below 15% of the tick size and also as I am tight I dont like to pay for autospreader software.

    Has anyone got any pointers on which exchange traded spreads are the most active (a quick search yielded nothing), what are the best options treasuries/commod/equity indices.

    Thanks in advance.

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    RT costs below 15% of a single tic size ( smallest increment ) will be impossible unless you are getting member rates. For a long time I leased a Nymex seat for about $1200 per month - and I used to scalp around a much larger longer term position. For exchange traded spreads, an AutoSpreader is not required. If you are paying non-member rates, scalping spreads for pips is not really terribly cost effective unless you are going to get involved with the really volatile species like the Nymex Crack Spreads or Cotton Calendar Spreads.
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    yes I know that but the good people tell me I can lease a seat at the CME for $300pm, eurex costs are much lower for smaller volumes. I know I dont need an autospreader.

    I am really looking for advice on what instruments to look at.
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    you mean I am going to have to do the research myself, damn you elite trader, come on Bone, throw me a Bone.
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    You are baiting me into serious trouble with my paying clients !
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    lolol yeah sorry about that. I know how to construct an edge and manage risk, execute blah blah blah I am just looking for some resource with a list of the most popular exchange traded spreads by volume. prefer London hours naturally but could stretch to US hours if necessary.

    Would love to give the stoxx / Daxx spread a go but dont want to get into autospreaders and the like, with raging costs.

    isn't there some huge volume treasury spread that I can take a look at.

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    ok i got it now.