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    Yes, I found out were I was wrong ... this is indeed a bull market in eurusd ... I will take that more in regard in the near future. Got out -6 pips
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  2. I have sold Eu, AU, NZd and gold again with roughly 10 pips sl based on increased reveral probability.
    US dollar has been showing weakness for some reason. I am very surprised given their recent hike since investors will want higher bond return.
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  3. Stopped out on gold and EU earlier and I have given up on gold. It's super bullish. Holding shorts in NZ, NJ, AU, ANZ, GU, EU, CadJpy, while longs in Uchf, Gbpcad, Gaud, Eurcad. Overall position is losing now. All roughly with 10 pips sl.
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  4. All US pairs are showing the possibility of either a correction/reversal. Let's see how it goes next 8 hours.
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    short 1.1927 targeting the ema50
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  6. It is approaching weekly resist area so substantial reverasal may not come until it touches that area. I just hope to see a good correction/bear move today
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  7. All US pairs .. on.H4 if they stay next 4 H ranging, that will likely to form a morning/evening star. Lets see
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    yes I was too early with my short, but I am getting the real short signal 1.1932 now
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  9. Yeah...going into euro session, hopefully, we have already seen today's top for EU. Besides, EU didnt break 1.193 level. The second attempt with higher high have failed to reach 1.194 level. If that stands, it will be a valid double top for a daily correction (bear move).

    I will hold my positions for next 8hours if they survive. Lets see
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  10. US dax is still showing weakness and has created new bottom. However, if the opposite pairs doesnt make much move next 2 hours, we are likely to see reversal.
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