scalping eurusd

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  1. A little loss today cos of silver. I have closed all my positions. Trading silver wasnt a good idea after all.
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    To me, the pullback to 1.1885 looks like it was only temporary. From my perspective, it seems that EURUSD still wants to climb higher.
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    Possibly but it still needs a correction during Asian. Besides, it has made higher high on daily so there is relatively higher chance of reversal in the next session. Well, lets see.

    I have just sold gold, , NZ, AU, Cadjpy,
    and bought Uchf, Gbpchf, Gbpaud based on correction/reveraal possibility

    All with roughly 10 pips sl, I will hold them next 8 to 12 hours if they survive. Lets see
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    Yeah, at 1.1896 I now recognize it as turning south too, at least for the time being.
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    EURUSD was rejected at this level for the second time in the last seven hours.
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  6. Lets see wthether it breaks yesterday's high. Else it will reverse imho
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  7. Have sold AUNZD since it has been unable to break the last daily key resist for a few days.
    GbPcad on weekly support but it's a bit too far away from where I want to buy...1.693ish is a bit reasonable price . .
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    EURUSD has been in an uptrend for over two weeks—ever since December 8th. I have absolutely no idea whatsoever when it might turn around. I simply note when it evidences signs of doing so and then trade accordingly. Presently, I see no signs of a reversal occurring anytime soon.
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    closed my short at 1.1887 at close of US session; not more than a few measly pips however. Now short again @ 1.1904
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    When it comes to EURUSD, I am ONLY interested in entering long positions (following pullbacks). For example, when you closed your short position at 1.1887 is when I would have opened a long position, except that there were other trades I found more to my liking. (It was at about that time that I bought AUDJPY, AUDUSD, NZDJPY and NZDUSD, and sold EURAUD.)
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