scalping eurusd

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  1. kellys


    I'll leave you to your experiments.
    All the best today!
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  2. cvds16


    I am now adjusting some thing into my method: only trade the combo of either 1H or 3H setups
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  3. 1H or 3H for scalping?Oh,man!!!...
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  4. cvds16


    I am not scalping anymore; I am intraday swingtrading.
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  5. expiated


    Long EURUSD @ 1.2015
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  6. cvds16


    fucking mad at myself for missing the obvious short at 08:00 CET while stochastics AND ema20 was clearly showing it. I will go long at the end of this hour if it engulfs (no more jumping the gun with signals; that burned me allready twice today :((( )
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  7. cvds16


    I don't get easily mad but this time I am disgusted by myself ... pure idiotic trading at it's best :( Went long 1.2023 targeting 1.2150. Kelly rightly called it 'experiments', nothing less it is ... when will I learn to stick to the charts at hand
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  8. trigger happy Madam Mae trading strategy?
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  9. cvds16


    something like that I am afraid :(
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  10. maxinger


    This is how I analyse. you might agree / disagree and that's up to you.

    You need to look at big picture.
    the day to profit from eurusd was on 29 dec and 2 Jan.
    If you failed to profit massively (say > 50 pips) from these 2 days, you are taking unncessary risk by trading on 3 Jan.

    On 3 Jan, there is a reversal down signal at 304pm, UTC+8.
    you can get decent reward / risk ratio of 2:1, ie about 25 pips but I doubt you can stretch target profit.

    Also if you look at the whole European market on 3 Jan, not many futures are moving except eurex btp and energy futures.
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