Scalping ES - how many ticks?

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How many ticks do you need to break even on a round trip ES trade?

  1. < 1 tick

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  2. 2 ticks

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  3. 3 ticks

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  4. 4 ticks

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  5. > 5 ticks

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  1. With your account, how many ticks would/do you need to break even on the ES during a round trip trade?
  2. I don't understand the question...

    Execution costs on the ES are approx. 0.1 point per RT, so even capturing one tick on average means you'll have (very small) profits.

    Of course, that's not factoring in losses.
  3. I was thinking more for what the commissions your broker offers... some may be trading retail and require a couple of ticks, others less than one with an exchange lease contract.
  4. wrbtrader


    There are other trading cost involved in trading besides broker commissions. Thus, if for example you need 1 tick for a trade to be profitable with commissions will need another tick or two to cover other costs of trading.

    Therefore, treat your trading like a business and determine your true cost per trade that's much more than just your broker's commissions.
  5. that's why when they invented globex, those of us that lived out in the sticks, with low mortgages, no commute, no parking fees, no office rental and just a dial up AOL line could actually make a living on 1 or 2 ticks. $37.50 was a big deal.

    but you are correct, there is another cost besides the commission, namely the spread, you start every trade down $12.50.

    it's a hard life and I wouldn't want to go back to it. All the money is made catching a big trend.

    most of the time the market chops, the chop, once you learn how to trade it just simply pays expenses.

    30% of the time you break even minus the costs
    30% of the time you actually breakeven
    30% of the time you get lucky and catch a trend and that pays for everything and leaves you a little leftover to do something with

    the only way scalpers ever learn this is after a really bad day and you get caught holding a big loss overnight
  6. hitnrun


    you pay 1 time . The r/t commission covers your buy & sell

    2 Ticks minimum for es or nq contracts . a breakeven trade to me

    If you want to make money you should trade for a 2-3 point profit target

    retail traders that scalp for ticks can go broke fast
  7. U pay 2 times.

    Commissions and fees are always calculated per trade, never RT.
  8. hitnrun


    who is talking about calculations ? bottom line cost is all that matters

    if you trade cme emini futures contracts es nq ym ( example )

    You pay a round turn ( r/t) all in commission rate period for that trade

    You do not pay twice .. that is wrong r/t is how you pay

    You go long 1 es emini futures contract commission charge r/t $ 4.00 on average . Your only cost
  9. No you're wrong.

    When you go just long you pay 1 side.

    When you offset your position you go short then you pay again. As you typed it, you said you directly pay 1 time a RT. That is NOT CORRECT AT ALL.

    I guess this must be ET right. Full of people who trade futures but don't really have a clue what they're doing.
  10. hitnrun


    Like to know what broker your with that charges you 2 times for the trade ?

    everyone else pays a r/t commission ONCE We are talking about futures Not options

    You must be smoking crack or just plain stupid
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