Scalping ER2/Hours traded

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by mrmoose63, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Hey guys... I've been away from the futures game for a while... three questions

    1. Has anyone had success scalping ER2 for .20-.30 at a time 3-6times a day?

    2. What time does ER2 open(when there is nice liquidity)? I thought it was 6:15PST... but I've been getting different information(from 6pst -6:30pst) and was wondering if times had changed

    3. Has anyone been successful at scalping over a 2-3hour period in the morning? LIke say open to 9:15pst?

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    i'd say it's very possible, though volume / liquidity may be a limiting factor (i.e. dunno how viable it would be to scalp 10, 20, or more lots per trade). if you look at T&S, you'll see tons of 1-lotters.

    i've done it (on small scale), but am so new to scalping it will take me some more time / experience to incorporate it.

    it's actually only closed between 4:15 and 4:30 pm (Mon - Thurs), but RTH are 9:30am to 4:15pm Eastern

    not sure what you mean here. do you mean scalping for 2-3 hrs straight? or somehting else?

    it does trade heaviest between 9:30am and 11:30am and again from about 2pm to 4:15pm Eastern. on low volume trades, it's actually pretty do-able to scalp the tight little channels commonly found during lunch time.

    hth. i'm sure there are others more familiar with scalping the ER2 but those are my impressions so far.

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  3. thanks omni that's totally what I was looking for ... the last question i was talkin about trading 6:30pst til like 9:30 if that was good time for a few .2-.3 scalps... cuz i'll be trading before i go to work.. i hopes i won't have to go to work forever..hehe

    anyone else scalping this??

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    yes and no :)

    there is a lot of price action during that timeframe. it's nothing for price to jump through several ticks (not skipping them) in a minute or less. of course, as long as you trade your trading plan and use money management, everything should be okay, right :D

    i know i'm not telling you anything new, just a heads up. it may not (usually) move like the DAX, EC, etc. but it can still scoot. FOMC days (afternoons) can just be silly. i think guy2 has some Fed day stats on his site.


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