Scalping and filling orders

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gelidstar, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. gelidstar


    I have a basic question for those who scalp stocks. What size are you usually trading at? Are orders of 3,000 or more less likely to fill?
  2. frontiv


    Depends upon the stock. What you have to do is watch the TS and see what size blocks are trading and how it affects the price. Look at how many 100 paints it takes to move the symbol to a different price because, you have to account for slippage with bulks that size, unless you are doing low priced stock.

  3. gelidstar


    What do you consider a low priced stock? I do watch TS and see that the majority of the size is 100 which I guess is common. However what I would like to know is that if it is possible to scalp 4-5k worth of shares on stocks that's average volume is in the range from 4-15 million. Doable?

    Otherwise as far as a scalpers experience, what's your average trade size?
  4. I trade with some scalpers that scale into tight range stocks with 5,000 - 30,000 shares at a clip and are only looking for .02-.05 cents. I personally scalp between 500 - 2500 share lots and look for .08 -.30 cents. Not big on scalping stocks over 80.00 like to stay in the 40.00 - 70.00 range.