scalping 4 % daily

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  1. Can this be done consistently? $2,000 per day on a $50,000 account = $500k or 1,000 % yearly.

    This is a demo account , all set ups traded are on the enclosed chrome bookmark.

    Trading set ups reversals, breakouts , trend line breaks , pull backs , support and resistance , contrarian trades and inter market correlated gambling on 1 min and 15 min charts.
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    and you're asking this?
  3. Entertainment value!:p
  4. sure, this can be done. You may make 2K per day for the next 20 days, and then by sudden, you loss all your 50K.

    Risk and reward come hand in hand.
  5. Tight stops (mental and fixed) are always in place and max risk per trade is $1,000 , to lose $50 k requires about 300 consecutive losing trades.The probabilities are in my favour of not losing it all , after the next twenty days I will have an additional $40 k profits to lose.
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    Since you have already known the answer, why did you post here?
  7. Hell YES!

    $50K.. compounded @ 4% daily is $1.06 Billion in one year. Any trader worth his salt can do at least that.
  8. There are few highly intelligent posters with words of wisdom on this forum.They have inspired me with a few precious words.

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  9. Baron Sorros of E T EH?
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    Sorry, but I stopped reading right there.
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