Scalping 1 penny, Recording, and Speed.

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    I've been told that using a program to record your daily trading is too slow for scalping 1 penny. When I asked, "what if you up the specs on your computer...increase ram as much as possible and cpu speed", the answer was that for scalping, its too slow.

    Even with your hardware maxxed out, supposedly scalping with a program like omnipro caused about a 2 second delay in order execution.

    Has anyone had any experience with scalping for 1 penny while trying the record your trading day? The alternative is to simply record on another machine while scalping on another.

    I just tried recording on another machine, without trading. The recording with capturepad was pretty bad. I need something that will play back and look like it was in real time. WIth capturepad, my mouse is skipping and jumping....l2 and open book prices are extremely delayed. Theres like a 3-4 second delay; it looks like a snapshot of whats going on, displayed every few seconds.

    Any suggestions on making playback smoother and more like real time?
  2. I have been thinking about doing something similar as well. I use Camtasia, the delay is negligent (somewhere in the range of half second or lower). But still am not comfortable having it running while I am trading live.

    I am thinking about using the software where you can see what is running on another computer and then record the action from that desktop.
  3. Three hundred smackers.. Huh. ???
  4. I use camtasia. I get no delay and I scalp volume in futures. It is a function of your processing power and the number of things u have on the screen along with the resolution u r recording.

    For example, if you have one window up and you size the recording window to that single window, then you won't notice a difference in execution. Good luck.


    Use My SQL to record anything you need in real time. It's free.
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    my trading software has multiple windows i need to record, all at once.

    Is there a certain upgrade I should look for? What kind of specs would you suggest?

    I believe tradingcomputers. com has some computers that offer 4 gb of ram.

    do you believe this would be enough to not experience delays? Even a half second delay is too slow when half my trades depends on routing my order correctly/level 2 movements.
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    does anyone own a pentium d?

    I was thinking that this might solve my problem of trying to both trade and record on the same computer....

    any ideas?
  8. If you search the internet there is a software that will let you record the screen every second. I used it while scalping for 1 cent without a problem. It creates large files like 80mb or so for the day. It can record just one monitor, but good enough for me. It was meant to be a type of spy program you run on the computer to monitor kids. If you can't find it I might be able to get the name for you in few days.

    Take care
    Ps. Your computer might be too slow for that, I have 2.4 with 512 ram and it worked fine.
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    I would really appreciate any information on such a program.

    Did you scalp using an open book as well as level 2? Did you notice any delays in order execution or quotes on the ob/l2?
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