scalpers, what hotkeys do u use???

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    what keys do u have setup on the keyboard to hit bids quick, do auto execs, put out arcas/islands bid and offers and modify the limit price all as fast as possible.

    i use F1 thru F4 for buys. and 2 thru 4 for sells. arrow keys to modify limit prices and enter to execute and 0 on the number pad to cancel orders and number pad to modify share size
  2. I use the function keys primarily (F1-F12) and the arrow keys to toggle between prices.
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    X-keys baby!!
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    I prefer the Any key.
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    F1 to F4 are to cancel orders
    F5-F8 are sells for listed (stop, market, limit, nx)
    F9-F12 are buys for listed
    ] \ INET sell buy
    ; ' ARCA sell buy
    . / BRUT sell buy
    ins pgup del pgdn are swipe and ecn blast keys
    num pad is all sizes and size increment/decrement
    arrow keys are price increment/decrement in pennies and nickels

    A bunch more lesser used routes and order types with shift and ctrl keys

    I'm using Hydratrade and you can really customize the hotkeys.
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    i use swipes and autoNX, but what does and how does ECN BLAST work?
  10. trom


    all keys are with the shift key

    q - scrolls through bid tier size on isld, arca, brut, SIZE, btrd

    w - hits inside bid to close position

    x - hits inside bid for tier size


    p - scrolls through offer tier size on isld, arca, brut, SIZE, btrd

    o - takes inside offer to close position

    u - takes inside offer for tier size

    number pad changes tier size

    arrows change price

    shift + enter places order 1 cent inside

    f5 toggles hidden orders
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