Scalpers: The jumpiness of illiquid stocks?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by garchbrooks, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. I know that when the spreads are wide, stocks are jumpy. The question I have is -- are illiquid stocks more "spooked" by runs on the futures in general? i.e., is the MM covering his risk much more quickly just by virtue of the stock being even more illiquid?

    I know what I've observed, but I just wouldn't mind hearing confirmation from manual scalpers who look at the book every tick of the day.
  2. MM?

    those are dead my friend.

    And yes. they are more Jumpy.

    unless they have low Beta, or unrelated.
  3. I don't mean MM in the strictest sense, just whoever decides to provide liquidity in there.
  4. all characteristics of the market are relative...
    what is your basic style of trading and which stocks do you trade in?
  5. Nothing in particular, just started looking at the illiquid stocks with higher betas recently because I wanted to observe how the spread evolved through the day, when it collapsed, when the trades were racing in one direction, etc.
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  7. Why?
  8. Great knowledge must be revealed only in small doses to the anointed few.

    That's why.
  9. lol ok

    Today feels like Friday with all the nonsense on ET..
  10. Thanks for making it sound funny.

    But do remember when you're talking about your trading in illiquid stocks you wont like more competition with your fills.
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