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  1. please am looking for thread about scalpers how use voice or sound software for scalping:p :p :p

    any other info is welcom
  2. I never head of one, but that's a good idea for blind people or people with handicaps like no arms or fingers, so they can trade the markets too. But then what if the software misinterprets your voice and buys the wrong stock at the wrong price. It would have to have voice filtering, so it wouldn't pick up voices in the background. Somebody should program one. I don't know how to program, or else I would.
  3. please am looking for thread about scalpers how use voice or sound software for scalping

    any other info is welcom
  4. For futures trading, not voice activated, I would suggest Ninja Trader with Zen Fire through Pro Active Futures, that is what I use. Lightening quick period. Should be able to do stock and forex soon if not now.
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    Ninja works with FX now. But only through Gain Capital. I dont believe they have plans to offer through other brokers anytime soon.

    Not before V.6 comes out anyway. I think November.

    Dont know anything about Gain. Ninja is ok. Improving but still too many bugs.

  6. never heard of anything like it, and i'd be very surprised if voice or sound based scalping software even existed.

    not exactly a big market for it is there now
  7. The last I heard, there was never any voice recognition software for order entry/exit that was able to process all the swear words it received!!!!!!!!!! :D

    That would be cool though!
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    The article was published in the Traders magazine by a guy called Erich Florek. The problem is that it is written in German and probably most people here can not read it. In the article the author describes the work of Scalpers and how they do sometimes 1000 Transactions per day. Some guys trade more than 100.000 contracts in the Bund per day !!! The author then describes the various styles they implement. Many of the scalpers use sound machines where an electronic voice reads out the bid and offers and thus creates a "pit environment". The faster the market is, the louder and more hectic the voice becomes.
    There are "Placers", "Pushers", "Surfers" and "Analytics". All have different style in trading super fast. They place huge fake orders and even push markets in some direction. They trade such huge sizes that they try to mislead everybody. They place huge bids even though they try to sell -- then they takes out the bids and sell the market down etc etc.