Scalpers, does your frontend software have "headcount"

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by John47, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. John47


    Headcount....a feature that shows how many orders make up a price level. i.e. the spoos inside market is:

    750 bid on 200.....300 offered at 750.25

    headcount is somewhere, your software displaying that 10 orders (for example) make up the 50 bid on 200......and there are (say) 12 orders offering the 300.

    It seems like this info/feature is not widely available, does anyone have it? or found a way to get it on x trader?

  2. Does Globex provide this headcount information or does the software just make it up?
  3. John47


    Thats actually the relevant question, sort of.

    When I used the Globex front end, they had headcount. Globex was decomissioned last year, so obviously I moved to some other front ends, none of them have head count as an option.

    I was just wondering if anybody else even uses it anymore, and if so, since globex is gone, what platform offers it.
  4. John47


    Is this not a feature anyone has ever used or is interested in? I haven't seen it anywhere except CME's Globex which was decommissioned.
  5. Jachyra


    Seems like a good feature but I've never seen it offered anywhwere.... I don't even know how you'd derive that kind of information from a programming perspective.
  6. From what you have said headcount was only a feature of the Globex machine. AFAIK headcount was never provided in the Globex public data feed.
  7. auspiv


    unless the headcount is provided from the exchange, it would seem very inaccurate.. the software would have to do some voodoo magic to obtain the number otherwise.