scalpers/day traders how are you doing recently?

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  1. I was having a great month in September, until the last week. The past two weeks have been...difficult. I know that my weakness is a propensity to short, and I rely on contrarian volatility quite a bit in my trading. Bad combination in current market it would seem.

    Anyone else had to adjust their trading recently? Are you doing better or worse?
  2. Sept was my slowest month of the year, I found the intraday conditions for the 10 or so stocks I trade actively much more difficult than usual. This month, so far I am somewhat back on track.
  3. Yes I have had a difficult time this last week. We are in new territory.
  4. Yes I have found the last week to be on the heavy side of intraday volitility, which is not a positive for my trading type.

    Lots of new money entering the markets, with not a whole lot of particular care? Entering because as a whole we are going up and up?

    Although the VIX seems low.
  5. I had a great August, an ok September and currently I'm getting my ass handed to me by the market (guess which side I'm on :D).
  6. am gettin' trashed around pretty much regularly since vix collapsed...mkt is goin' trough cyclical changes and will have to get use to it or give up daytradin' altogether: can't seem to be able to trade meself outta paperpag lately.
  7. Really sorry to hear this guys. For me I have not noticed any change and the reason I'm posting this is hopefully to encourage you that the market is far from impossible to beat whatever the conditions. Don't loose hope. But don't keep doing what you are doing waiting for the market to resume what made it profitable for you. I have gone through many storms that forced me to refine and broaden my approach so I know your growing pains. If you can get this far you can find the answer too. Good trading.
  8. September/October are middling for me, too.

    Very difficult trading environment, IMO.

  9. well, now it surely better than summer months...i suffered my biggest losses back then. contributin' to pnl goin' to shite is the fact am takin' to many shots while before i was much more selective. have to go back to what i was doin', meanin' sittin' on me hands for most of the times and just pick up the best setups. i got greedy and didnt accept bankin' 1% a day. i had only had to drammatically increase size but instead i begun makin' too many bets and that confused my instincts on what's a sure thing and what's not: yeah this is exactly my problem now.
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