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    For anyone who followed yesterday, I would like to point out the difference between scalper hill and winfraud.

    Did you notice how the first trade to buy 1249, hit 1249, and then he moved the buy to 1249.25, and price soared from there, yet he still had no fill, and no trade.

    That's how the markets really work. 5 seconds makes all the difference. Yesterday he finished up 2 points, and those are real points, not winborn points.
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    3 winning days in a row, with little at risk each day.

    Watch and learn Winscammer.
  4. what does he use to make trade decisions? charts/DOM/etc ???
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    You'd have to ask him.
  6. 1st thought, English as a fourth language

  7. So this is why you are barking at anyone who comes up with signals.
    You don't want a competition.
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    I don't get it?
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    Oh get off it man. How many points have you lost since you've been posting? I've recommended over 20 sites since I've been a member here. I like to recommend good stuff, and show losers like your self for what you are. A liar and a scammer.
  10. Your twitter posts say:

    selling:1266.75 stop loss: 1267.75 target: open for now 9:45 AM Jan 4th via web

    filled 9:47 AM Jan 4th via web

    At 9:45 the market closed at 1267.25 and never filled 1267.75 before it reached your target.

    Do u actually think no one here actually checks your crap against charts?
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