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  1. jood


    What does Scalper mean?
  2. harmless


    when you find out

    it will either be cool to you, or just plain wrong

    listen to the latter

    scalpers place 50 or more trades per day looking for small gains

    they can't scale in,

    they work hard

    its no good

    they should have a saying

    don't do drugs or be a scalper

    but having said that, some scalpers create bots, so there is good in everything I guess :mad:
  3. jood


    What's the problem with this? Why some people say it is not good?
    I don't see any bad behavior
  4. maxforce


    Too much energy spent for small gains.
    Needs lots of energy and focus to keep up with all the small fluctuations.
    At the same time, may miss the major movement of the trend.
  5. For some reason, swing traders hate scalpers. It's obvious in every trading forum. I work with scalpers in our business and happen to think that they're among the most skilled traders around.

    Yes; scalping is hard work, but scalping also brings an extra element of risk control to the table that's often overlooked. What; risk control in scalping? Yes!

    By being in the market for only a brief period of time (usually a few minutes at most), scalpers minimize their risk to market exposure. The less time you're in the market, the less that you'll be affected by potentially catastrophic losses caused by extreme gaps against you. I've seen position traders blow up multipe times because of this.
  6. thank you danger, and for those that have there own educated opinion fair enough,, but for those that are simply assuming, your downfall will be that your not open minded,, scalping is one of many styles of trading, which holds just as many infinite strategies that each style has prospects of,, stress in trading, hard work,, well i hope this is equal in all, as your career life will not be fulfilled if you dont find this in your sector of trading,, I am a scalper, ,i dont have enough experience in other areas to make a strong comment , but i will comment my opinion on trading in general,, i dont care what you do to make a consistent, profitable financial being of yourself , if you do ,, scalper, swing trader, etc...... your are on top of your game and congrats,, i dont think any is easier , nor more stressful,, if you say scalping is much too difficult,, then are you saying a decent scalper is much more skilled then the rest? i doubt it,, and yes the concept of a true scalper , is that the less exposure to the market the less risk is taken, but IMO, we just take larger size , for smaller gains, stop complicating things everyone,, when things are looking sour,, remember,, " when more shares are being bought the stock goes up,,,,, and when more shares are being sold the stock goes down.... often the simplest strategy is more advanced than the most complicated,
  7. "more shares" than what?

    For every one share bought, one share must be sold, and vice versa.
  8. ya it was 2am and i was drunk,,, tend to ramble on sometimes,, lol,
    { but to clarify , more shares bought off the offer, up, more shares sold down the bid , down, then yes theres shorting, yada yada,, blah blah blah,, i think the first drunk comment made enough sense for my opinionated point,, , } good trading all,
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    I am a scalper. I funded a FXtrade account in Oanda because I intended to use its API (600$, you know). In the last step, when I was reading the API Licence Agreement I discovered that they do not allow neither scalping nor arbitraging nor pip hunting activities. They consider it as being unauthorized activities (and unfair).
    Has anybody of you heard about these activities as being unfair or "illegal" in other places?
    Do you think they are?

    Pablo (Spain)
  10. Pablo, scalping will get you kicked out of every retail broker in town; including OANDA. The same thing goes for latency arbitrage.

    If you want to scalp, go to Currenex.

    Where do you scalp right now and how have you been getting away with it?
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