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  1. Thanks for checking this. I have been trading a method that has a very poor risk/reward ratio and have recently realized that I have the skills/personality to change gears and scalp(I think this is scalping). Basically after somewhat of a precipitous rise/drop in price I look to make the spread based on Level2 and Time & Sales. Immediately after I'm in, I look for a quick way out with a small profit, hopefully the spread of more. I am totally on my own here and feel that I learn best from others. If you know of any possible ways that may dramatically kick me up the learning curve, I would so very much appreciate it. I learn a ton just from reading these posts. I am open to Books or thoughts or mentorship or anything. Thanks.

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    I just started trying to scalp the E-minis over the past few weeks and was getting eaten alive until this week. The one thing that changed was that I decided if 95% percent of traders are losing money trading the minis, and if I'm in that 95%, then I'm going to lose. Most folks take actions that they think will lead them to a state of rest (i.e. calmness and tranquility). But since most folks also lose money, I decided to start taking trades that scared me. If I think I see a good entry point I ask myself would I be more scared going long or short at this very second. I then take the scariest trade.

    I watch primarily a simple tick chart with a couple of moving averages.

    Hope that gives you something to think about. And, keep in mind that I am also a rather new trader, so take anything I say with a grain of salt.
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    Contrarian trading at its best.
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  5. to make it work ,,,you need a low commission schedule, fast connection, good software with complete hotkey functionality and total concentration from the open to the close, to grind it out all day, every day
  6. That's all I do anymore is scalp, and I'm making more than ever, and I'm making it everyday.
    connection 56k with aol
    comm Ib
    total r/ts just depends on what I feel like
    concentration, too much makes it hard to stay awake
    software tws

    contrarian? oh man, I was born to be a scalper

    We need a scalpers corner here at elitetrader, you either are or you're not

    biggest problem? size
  7. the total and absolute concentration all day , every day, is the single most important element to popping a couple g (net) a day
  8. I have an aquarium by my screen, sometimes I feed the fish or just watch them, I have it set up for just the way I like to trade, maybe our styles are different, mine doesn't take much concentration or emotion. The markets either gonna go up or down and I'm either gonna get filled or I'm not.
  9. I think they're gonna start calling us liquidity traders, sounds better. Maybe micro market systems analyst.
  10. systems together, backup ready to go ...all routes covered all news, all tech covered, waiting for every signal, every second....
    ready to jump on anyone anytime for the right reason not afraid to grab ones tail.... all day every day every second... then we both make 40k a month
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