SCALPER Mentors, Maybe you are interested?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by coolweb, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for mentoring for scalping futures or stocks, I'm looking for a mentor who can point me to the right direction on moving in and out of the market 10-20 times a day, and CONSISTENTLY make money with a 75% success rate for those 10-20 times.

    I can pay tutition that is required, and also a commission on my profits, I am super easy to work with :D

    Anybody interested, please message me, with your price, and requirements , experience and things.

    I'm looking to also experience the trading while you trade for a few days, please no fake seminar packages or things, I'm looking for someone real, who can help someone out and benefit, and in the future I wll do the favor to many traders in return :)

    Ah how good karma makes the world go round and round! :D
  2. Extraordinary Popular Beliefs or the Madness of Crowds.
  3. nononsense,

    I wouldn't ask if I thought it was a fairy tale,

    Scalpers are the most consistent profitable traders around..
  4. Thank Gawd you don't trade Forex...
  5. Nothing against scalpers at all!
    Fairy tale only in the way you approach it.
  6. LOL

    Do some more research :)
  7. nitro


    You're nuts. Even asking the question as posted below shows a lack of understanding.

  8. ozzy


    He's asking for a mentor. Which means he is looking for help and admits to not understanding. Instead of calling him nuts maybe you could explain to him what is right or wrong with his post.


    "You're nuts. Even asking the question shows a lack of understanding."


    Nothing against you Nitro. Just voicing my thoughts.

  9. nitro


    Ok, let me rephrase it more politely.

    What you are asking is not possible for any extended period of time, and if it were possible, the mentor isn't a person, it is an institution. _Even_ then, I doubt it very much it is possible. The edge of a good scalper is on the order of 55%. 60% and they are God.

    Also, some good scalpers don't come close to 50%, but still make money...It is not about percentage right, but about the size of the wins vs the size of the losses, after comissions.

  10. ozzy



    So bascially everyone for themselves in this game. Unless someone decides to take you under their wing (which does not happen often).
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