Scalper 250 to 500 trades per day

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  1. Hello scalpers
    I have seen in the thread Trader P/L.
    Some of you guys trade 250 - 350 trades a day
    that,s a lot of trades.
    How do you, keep your profit target $5 $10 $15 $20 $25 a trade,
    and what do you do if you get stuck in a loosing trade.
    Do you do hold, or take the losss
    thank you
    For people who do 15 to 500 trade a day
    Only scalpers answer please.

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  2. long live ebonics.
  3. will you hold liability for your translation?

    to answer the question -

    I can't say this is true for me on all days, but I trade small lots - usually 100 to 500 shares. I'll measure upside potential to risk, looking for at least $.06 and risk .02.
  4. I am no scalper. I am a very short-term trend follower. But, I do take a lot of trades each day.

    1) I feel like I am missing out of $$$ to make if I am not in a position all the time. Thus, everytime I get stopped out I just jump right back in.

    2) Staring at couple of 21" screens all day is boring. I trade not just to make money, but also to have fun. I feel like taking a lot of trades also keeps me thinking all day & on top of my game. It also keeps me active, and young.
  5. What liability is that? The liability this thread is still active and their might be some value added derive from the original post because its legible?
  6. yeah, I'm w/ ripley - Let me clarify. Sometimes I'll hold on to stuff if it's running - especially if I bought it on a pullback during a trend. I scalp on fibs and bollingers which make up about 50% of my trades and I'd say less than 50% of my PnL
  7. HEy Ripley
    Nice to hear that
    even when i sit in front on the screen i get frustrated like i am missing osmehtng i need to be in a potion but i don't like to scale for $5 and sometime i get over greedy and loose a $40 win in to a loss trade
    But when i see pll averaging 150 to 400 trade a day even $2 a trade ethat a lot of money but th person has to be extremely smart and alert to trade so many stock
  8. Hey swing out
    Isnt 0.02 a very tight stop - ?
    Plus if u make a couple of trade wrong not only u end up paying 0.02 but also commission
    I my self i am planning to change my style to more scalping
    how has it been working for you and any ADVice - ? :)
  9. GSCO


    can't believe you've made money this way.
  10. Youd be surprised back in 03 I knew a scalper that hated to take pain, he took the slightest bit of pain he was out. He was an awesome scalper. Refined his entries, and because of his detest for pain he had small losses. Had one of the most vertical equity curves I had seen up till that point. Last I heard he was working for a well known quant fund. I bet that they automated his entries and were killing it.
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