Scalper 101

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  1. ahahah rotflmao, ahahhaha heh, gotta go to work.
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  2. JJ......... AAPL, CVX, GLD, etc. No scalps really, just intra day swings based on volume and breakouts as well as fading the gaps. Some held over night depending on volume at the end of the day (or lack thereof). Nothing too technical other than 5 min / 1 min charts with RSI on both and par SAR on the 5. Good for a Ben or two a day. Look at the 5 min of aapl today at 1:15(E). Could have gone either way with that pattern setup, but once the selloff began, it did not stop until2:25(E) for over $1 in an hour. Up over$.52 since.
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  3. birdman


    what's pfe:)
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  4. - symbol search.
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