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  1. Could someone let me know which book I should buy to find scalp trading method.:confused:
  2. There is no book that will teach you how to trade in a consistantly profitable manner, especially not scalping.
  3. thks for your prompt reply. I therefore will have to keep on practicing my own method.
  4. if you are interested in scalping check out futurestrader71 posts. He is a scalper who has backed individuals. He goes into detail in some of his posts on how he trades.

    also do a search on scalping and see if you get any useful info.
  5. targus2000,

    It would be hard to find a book on scalping.

    I may start my own thread to talk about scalping. I have been scalping for many years....first Stocks....but then switched to Futures seveal years ago. I Scalp mostly....but will also trade a Trend....if I can. You can do a search for VSTscalper in the forum....see a little bit on how I Scalp.

  6. You need to become a great tape reader no book will teach you that. This comes from years of studying the tape, price action specialist and or the market makers
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  8. Its a legit site...I neither scalp nor daytrade but I log onto the yahoo group of naked traders to see what the daytrade group are talking about when I'm unclear as to the direction of the mkt.
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    Excellent question...what about learning about the specialist book, how to read about a short position and to get ahead of the order, also where can i get info on reading an open book ?
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