Discussion in 'Trading' started by white, May 16, 2003.

  1. white


    This question is for those of you who scale in and out of positions "NASDAQ". Assuming you know you are going to take a position at a certain price level, do you try and read level II on when to take the actual position? Or do you say I will short at 34.46 "50%" and 34.5 "50%" and take the position no mater what "assuming the market is not going to hell". It seems to me the wiggles and giggles of the last minute support or resistance often time keeps me from taking the trade because the market looks strong or week at the moment of truth.

  2. ChrisRT


    I go all in, then scale out of the exit assuming stock gives me a reason to keep scaling out. "Reading Level 2" isn't necessarily the same tool as it was in the late 90s's more of a risk evaluation tool for me..seeing depth of the market so I know whether I want to play conservative shares or more shares. Tape Reading princples combined with a few TA indicators is how I judge entry and exit...but it's full in, partial out.