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    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this:

    Excellent, consistent results on simulator.

    Then, mediocre, haphazard results with one contract (ES), with $xx,xxx in the account.


    Excellent, consistent (yes, simulator-like) results with five contracts in the same $xx,xxx account.

    So far as I can see, this confounds everything I've heard/read (and, for that matter, reasoned on my own) that says if you're not consistently profitable with one contract, you sure as hell won't be with "N" contracts.

    And, my own experience notwithstanding, this still makes a lot of sense to me. But, for whatever reason, didn't apply to my situation.

    Theories, anyone?
  2. Your post is confusing as hell.

    Are you talking about trading live or on sim, and are you talking about yourself, or someone else? :confused:

    Thanks for the post though, it puts this one Was this on SIM too? in its proper perspective.
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    Never mind. I've lost interest in the subject.
  4. very possible, say your target is $500 per day. With one contract trying to make that quota of 10 points everyday will be much more difficult than making just 2 points on 5. 2 points a day and the balls to trade 40+ will put you into 7 figures if you can truly trade.
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