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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by CodeX, Jan 26, 2013.

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    When I scale in into trades on IB's TWS and i want to sell one of those batches, not the whole lot; how do i do that? Thing is everytime i scale, the total quantity of shares is shown with the total average.

    Let's say i buy 100 shares at 9 and then i scale another 100 at 10; total shares is 200 and the average is 9.5. The stock goes to 11 and I want to sell 100 shares, but i want to sell those which i bought at 10 not at 9. How do i do that on TWS?
  2. FIFO dude...

    Plus, from a P/L perspective, the end result will be the same so it really doesn't matter.
  3. CodeX


    It does matter if i am swing trading or investing in a stock which i also want to day trade. I want to retain the shares with lower share price nd sell the ones which i bought for day trading; you know what i mean?
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    Has anyone found a solution to my predicament?
    I want to be long long term and still be able to day trade a certain stock. Now when i sell, i would like to sell certain batches of shares, perhaps the most recent ones i bought and those with higher shares price and keep those with lower price for later.
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    is it because you want to minimize short term tax?
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    Not really, the sole reason is that i am long on a certain stock and i want to swing trade it for a couple of week. In the meantime, i want to also day trade it but when i close my positions for the day i want to close the most recent ones which i bought or the ones with the highest price to keep the mental and psychological edge in my favor should the stock pull back.

    Wonder if this is possible at all with IB's TWS?
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    Bob is an avid TWS user; i wonder if he will come across this thread to address my query. If not, perhaps i should give him a shout via pm.

    If anyone else knows, pleae feel free to drop by your answers.