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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Temujin, Dec 18, 2010.

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    Dear all,

    I have been investing and trading for the past 25 years. having worked in several world class global institutions incl Citi and Banker Trust, I have made pretty solid gains over the years both in the financial mkts and prperty investments in SIN.

    Last year alone, I made 400% over my capital. This year a little 20% down. Inter-asset class, trend following and momentum plays all into one single multi discipline strategy.

    Just sharing - nothing more and not to advertise my skill set.

    Looking ahead, I am looking to scale up and to attract more money. Currently, I am managing abt SGD 1,000,000 split between 8 friends in SIN.

    Still, the scale is too small to be financially stable and comfortable.

    Anway, lets share ideas on career, investment ideas etc.

    Wishing one and all an early Merry Xmas, Temujin.
  2. 1) ?....SIN? Is that supposed to be Singapore?
    2) ?....SGD? Is that supposed to be Singapore dollars?
    3) Have you submitted a resume to Temesek yet? :confused:
  3. Temujin



    Unlikely to have big trends going into Xmas.

    Unlikely a black swan event takes place, think "trading range"
    and reversion to mean, buy dips and sell rallies.

    Crude and AUDJPY is a buy on dips.

    Good luck,
  4. Temujin


    SIN is for Singapore
    SGD for Singapore dollars.

    Temasek - need a contact.

    Other US Hedge Funds or CTA - need an intro.