Scale up my system .... how high?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by promagma, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. promagma


    My first post on ET :D

    I have an automated system, (though not enough $$$ to trade it yet) and am wondering how it will adapt to real trading. It does daytrades, long and short, only one position at a time. The simulation simply buys at the ask, sells at bid. All stocks trade at least 1 million daily volume.

    Having never traded large size .... can I expect a clean execution at the inside bid/ask for a 1000 share position ... 3k .... 5k ... 10k ?? I plan to hook this up to send an IB Smart order.
  2. You get what you get. Nothing anyone says here is going to have any effect on your trade executions. Hook up the jumper cables and fire that thing up. Then you'll know for sure. Right?
  3. promagma


    True. I think I will "probably" be OK trading 3k shares. No idea about 10k.

    BTW today it has trades in CRM, EAGL, and SFCC.
  4. Just watch the level 2 for a while, it should give you an idea. Or you could check the time and sales for the day and see what type of trades are going through. Obviously this wont give you a definative answer, but it should give you some idea.

    - The New Guy