Scalable platform for running EasyLanguage strategies

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  1. Folks,

    I would like you input on the platform that I'm designing. I'm thinking of building Uptick as a scalable backtesting and execution platform for EasyLanguage strategies. Open source by all means.

    My unique proposition is to enable you to build a cluster of cheap boxes for running your strategies in a telco-grade fault-tolerant environment.

    This will require me to write a translator from EasyLanguage to Erlang but this is straightforward. What is not clear to me yet is how to get the data into this environment.

    I very much appreciate your input!

    Thanks, Joel
  2. Easy Language will be the best, and the worst, feature of this endeavor. Best, because it lets the thundering herd of Tradestation users "port" their systems with a minimum of difficulty. Worst, because Easy Language has numerous deficiencies
    • One-instrument-at-a-time simulation
    • No access to portfolio-level statistics such as portfolio equity, portfolio risk, sector equity, sector risk, etc.
    • No support for time-varying BigPointValue (instruments denominated in foreign currency whose exchange rate vs. USD fluctuates daily)
    • Inflexible commissions & slippage primatives (compared to WL and others)
    • Inability to express the concept of multiple systems trading simultaneously, sharing a common equity pool
    I have grown rather fond of the TBB worldview, in which it is assumed that multiple systems with perhaps different portfolios are being traded simultaneously, and it is further assumed that thousands of parameter sets are being tested (for robustness checking, etc.) Here is an example.
  3. This is not a problem at all. I will need to translate EL into something that my system can execute internally (Erlang). This implies that you can see what the translated version looks like and use it for further development, or you can do all your new development in the internal language while running your old unmodified EL code. It also brings forth the possibility of my extending EL to add the features that it's missing.

    You should be able to do it ultimately. That is the whole point of my platform. Being able to run EL is expressly for the purpose of easing migration for the thundering herd of TradeStation users :).
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    horribilicus=Joel Reymont
  5. I have to point out that I'm not horribilicus. A little investigation into our previous messages will surely prove that. With all due respect your comment is very much off-base.
  6. You need to come up with the capital somehow ;-). Developing products also fills some psychological voids, etc. I'm trying to sort of do both, except I won't make money on the core software since it will be free.
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  8. Two people will appear online if they are online at the same time. Only one or none will appear if they are not. Lets stick to the topic, shall we?

    What do you think of my design? Do you have any suggestions on how to get data into the system?
  9. Free' huh? You bloody cockroach, isn't this your site
    Who are my customers?

    I see three groups of traders:

    Banks, brokerages, hedge funds and outfits with their own programming staff. They either have their own software or the burden of supporting them is too large for me to handle.

    Enterprising programmers. These are either die-hard developers who will insist on rolling their own or well-in-the-money .NET lovers who are already served by SmartQuant. I will try to serve the die-hard developers indirectly.

    The TradeStation folk. This is a diverse group consisting of individual traders, power traders, small trading firms, hedge funds and everyone in between. A large portion of this group is dissatisfied with TradeStation for various reason and has migrated to WealthLab, NeoTicker[NT], etc.

    Group #3 makes up the bulk of my market. These are my customers.

    Why would my customers buy from me?

    My unique selling proposition is a scalable and robust backtesting and execution platform that runs strategies written in TradeStation’s EasyLanguage.
  10. @NanaTrader

    This spirited discussion is not going in the right direction. I edited my blog post to clear up my intentions. To wit:

    Just offering the software for free won't bring people to my platform. I have to offer something unique and compelling which is what I'm trying to do. I'll give away some by giving away the platform and I will make some on services, support and add-ons. This is the open source business model and a way to build a trading war chest. I'll eat my own dog food and use my own software.

    Do you have anything of substance to contribute re: topic of this thread or my post that started it?
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