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Discussion in 'Trading' started by dedicated1, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Hey There,

    I am scalper doing about .5M shares a month trading all different nasdaq issues. I was wondering if anyone trades maybe 1 symbol or a select group of high-to-higher liquid nasdaq stocks. I want to expand my style a bit. I have always felt that the qcom's, klac, etc is the place to be if you have your trading together.....was thinking like a 8-18 cent target with a avg 4 cent stop....possibly less on the win side to be sure to get at least 6 outta 10. The idea is to be here for the scalability and of course liquidity. Maybe 100K shares a day is a good first goal for me. Overall market, relative technicals, current action....boom you're in. Anyone doing something like this ? Please pm or reply. Thanks
  2. blb078


    before i got into futures i used to scalp only intc, i would trade 3k shares at once, make a quick .05 and get out, then get back in and out, i always used a mental stop, but no particular amount, just depending on how the market was moving dertmined when i got out.
  3. Anyone care to comment now or after the close ?
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    Could I ask, if you don't mind what broker and software platform you use. Are there instantaneously executed bullets, or do you have to order bullets separately?

    Thanks for replying If I am not intrusive.