SC Tea Party favorite Demint wants to rid Republican head Michael Steele

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  1. Demint 'it is nothing personal'
    GOPer calls for big change By: CNN's Gabriella Schwarz

    (CNN) - A leading Tea Party-backed conservative called on Sunday for a major shakeup to the Republican leadership.

    Now that the midterm election season is over, South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint suggested it's time to replace Michael Steele as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

    "I'm looking for some alternatives right now," DeMint said on "Fox News Sunday." "We need a strong national Republican organization to help organize the energy of the tea parties and the other citizen activism that we are seeing out here right now."

    He said he appreciates Steele's service, but that the get-out-the-vote effort during the midterm election cycle could have been stronger.

    "We were actually out-manned on the ground," DeMint said.

    He declined to say who he would support instead, but did emphasize the need to defeat President Barack Obama in 2012.

    "Going into 2012, we need a really strong Republican party to match the get-out-the-vote that we saw from the Obama machine last time," DeMint said.

    After his visible role in the midterm election cycle his name has come up as a potential presidential candidate in 2012.

    DeMint said he has no plans "right now" to launch a bid, but also said his views aren't too radical for a nominee.

    "I don't think I'm far to the right at all," DeMint said. "I'm looking for someone who will have the courage and leadership abilities to come out and make the hard decisions that we need to turn this country away from a cliff."
  2. Good for him, the neocons need to be purged.