SC job fair canceled when just 2 employers sign up

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    What does it say when only 2 out of 100 employers sign up for a job fair??

    The Associated Press April 15, 2009, 3:01PM ET text size: TT
    SC job fair canceled when just 2 employers sign up


    South Carolina officials canceled a state-sponsored job fair expected to draw hundreds after just two employers signed up for the event.

    Annie Reid with the state Employment Security Commission's office in Rock Hill says organizers made their decision because they didn't want to give job seekers false hope.

    Around 100 employers usually participate in the spring job fair for York, Chester and Lancaster counties.

    Thousands of people have attended other job fairs across the state. But experts say companies are reluctant to attend job fairs when they're not filling positions.

    Commission spokesman Clark Newsom says the cancellation illustrates ongoing economic and unemployment problems.
  2. I know of three markets that FORMERLY had strong job markets, and have it on first hand knowledge that all three are now struggling:

    Charlotte (friends there), Seattle (relatives there) and Albuquerque (friend there).