SBUX - Just bought 100 contracts June 30 Calls at $0.50

Discussion in 'Options' started by forex-forex, May 14, 2007.

  1. Easy money for whom? LOL :D
  2. jsv416


    Please expand on your reason for entering the trade.
  3. Good question. I don't have that answer yet.
    • Starbucks always bounces back from its 52 week low.
    • Starbucks are as busy as ever with new ones opening up all over the place.
  4. You paid 500-basis over stat vols, but this decline is failing. You'll make a quarter if we see $30 this week.

    Don't trade options based upon anecdotes like "busy as ever".
  5. I was thinking $35.00 by June expiry, which will make those options worth about $5.00.
  6. lol, you're nuts. No way we see $35 on SBUX.
  7. This was a great trade.... for the seller of those calls :)

    EDIT: They have not budged on the down move so back the truck up and load it up baby with every $8.00 Mocha Frappa Crappa Caffa-chino...
  8. I don't have time to debate this. I'm off to Starbucks now for my "tall dark" coffee and a chocolate chip cookie.
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