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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by chud, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. chud


    I just got informed that my apartment complex is kicking Time Warner off the property and bringing in SBC Yahoo for all the internet needs.

    The only experience I've heard of with SBC Yahoo has been very bad. Anybody have experience with them?

  2. RXIS


    Slow dsl connection and horrible customer service. I guess they all have poor customer service but when comparing them to Cox, Cox wins by far. SBC reps constantly are pushing their products.

    The rep told me that the connection is faster now due to upgrades but I'm not willing to switch from my Cox package because its just too much of a hassle to deal with SBC.

    My sister lives in Dallas and has had SBC at two locations with the same luck as I've had.

    You may have better luck in your region.
  3. Ebo


    Trade at an office instead of your boxer shorts, it's healthy to leave your studio apartment once a day!
  4. BSAM



    Don't worry. SBC Yahoo is good. Customer service is near excellent, IMO. Check it out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Jodi



    I Use SBC Yahoo at my rural Oklahoma home/office. Set up a wireless network with 2Wire equipment provided by them. I'm getting 11Mbps. Upon installing, I unchecked some Yahoo features I didn't want. Service has been great, used it twice in about 18 months, BUT, the first person you get is either Chinese or Indian, (I asked and was told they aren't allowed to say where they are), after about ten questions if your problem isn't fixed, you are then transferred back to the U.S. to a technician that WILL get it handled. System is always up, I would say I had system trouble for a total of two hours in the 18 months. Saved the cost of a phone line and pay them less than $40.00 per month. I AM VERY PLEASED!!!
  6. The service is location dependent. I used them in Chicago and they were outstanding. I think the connection pinged from my apartment on Ohio St and Michigan Ave to the CBOT building at 10 ms consistently. I never had to call in any problems and they moved the service from one apartment to another in 2 days. They also installed the service in 4 days rather than the promised 3 weeks.
  7. depends on how far u are away from the POT office.

    if you're like right next to it... you will most likely have a flawless connection.

    i am about 19k ft from the office, i can barely get 386kbps working.... it did improve the last few months... i am pretty happy paying 20/month for them, i will rerate for next month to 16/month. not that much more than dial up...

    my max download speed at that distance is 40kb/s more than enough for me to keep track of 30-40stocks w/30charts open.
  8. RXIS


    I'm getting 3.1 mbps with Cox cable. Is that any good compared to you guys? Wonder what SBC speed would be
  9. Jodi


    I live in a Very Rural Oklahoma area, 19 miles from the town of 3000 where my SBC is 'turned on'. I get 11. Mbps and so do my neighbors. Virtually no down time.
    I know a couple of people here that get a slower broadband through a cable company but haven't used their computers to see how much slower it is. It is all better than the 56k that was all we used to get...:)

  10. i've toyed with the idea of leaving my giant city for a little peace and quite. this job (trading) provides all the excitement you need. after that, stepping out the front door into nature sounds pretty good. your speed looks good, but what kind of ping times do you get? are extra hops somehow added if you work from a rural area?
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