SBC on strike...?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by citizennobody, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. I heard that SBC employees may be going on strike...
    My ahole brother in law (Yeah, Alvarez, I'm talkin about you) said that there is a dispute about the employees having to pay around $40 a month for their health insurance when it was formally free. BTW, he makes about 60K a year being an inbound phone operator here in El Paso which is insane... So whats the dealio, since I haven't heard any news about it?

    Kinda makes you think of how useful a union shop is in todays society. I wonder if it will have macro consequences considering that I see a possible oil squeeze coming whose inflationary pressures may force Greenspan to act before the election. Do yall think this is OPEC imposing their agenda into our election cycle by cutting quotas into a recovering economy?
  2. Tell the whiners to get over it and join the real world. I make far less than that and pay $250 for heath insurance for me and my wife. My employer doesn's even offer insurance. And I am not a phone operator, I'm a engineer in the space program
  3. Tell me about it...

    He has a high school diploma (not knocking that) and looks down on me because things arent as financially peachy in my house while I am finishing up my Masters in Economics and trying to get into a PhD program in Management. I see the kid (hes 25 Im 31) waste all kinds of cash even though I have warned him that this can't last forever (every Indian, dots not feathers, wants his job) and he has no backup plan... I don't see a whole lot of career phone operators setting up shop around the country like, say a lawyer/doctor/pimp

    BTW, I also warned him that under the NLRA businesses have the right to not hire striking union employees when the strike was under the auspices of economic conditions
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    The recent grocery store strike was for something almost indentical.