SBC is offering 6000/512 for $99/month

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by howardy2k, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. Is it worth it for a scalper?

    I currently paying $35 bucks and getting about 1000/248.

    Should I switch?
  2. nitro


    Link to the offer?

  3. Does that include coffee?
  4. i can get close to 2Mb in my area with cable for $50 but its very unrealiable
  5. I have used several connections in the past 3 years: Cox in SoCal (3Mbps/128Kbps), cable and dsl in Belgium (1Mbps/128 for cable and 750/128 for dsl). Now I am in the UK, my provider offers 150/56K, 600K/128 and1Mbps/250 I chose the 150K connection as I can't see much of a difference in speed whether I surf or ping a website and it costs less than $30 per month. I would not choose that speed if I was scalping minis but I think the issue of speed for trading is largely overdone. Reliability is much more important.
  6. what kind of unreliability with cable have you experienced? I am going to move to SBC service area, need to choose between SBC ADSL and Roadrunner cable, which one would you recommend? Thanks.
  7. Their reliability depends on the area ur in. I would suggest you ask other traders within that area for their opinion. Dont be so quick to sign any long term contract unless ur sure of its reliabilty. Right now i think both sbcyahoodsl/ roadrunner have a month by month thing going
  8. that even though they may "offer" that kind of bracketed service, you may not have the infra-structure in your area to handle the speed.

    Remember, we are talking COPPER WIRE here which has a lot of resistance.

    Unless they have put in a REMOTE TERMINAL ( RT ) in your area, I doubt that a regular copper wired phone line can give you 6,000 on the download.

    Also, you are gonna have to be within 12,000 feet of the Telco switching office too, which I assume that you are if in fact you already are getting SBC DSL Service.