Says James / Romeo the truth ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saschabr, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. ...about himself, about his positions ?
    I honestly don't know. I am interested in what the others think.
  2. apparently I am. If I wasn't and thats what others thought, they would have taken me up on my bet a long time ago.

    for the last time: the bet is that I have an audit of more than 5 years that says I made significant money EVERY year.

    Whomever wants to bet that this is not true, deposit $25K with Don Bright and I will deposit 50K with him. Yes, I am now offering 2 to 1 odds. When Don tells me he has both monies, I will show him the audit, and if he deems it not genuine or whatever, I lose!
  3. I think that James Crack is full of crap.
    He has no idea what he is doing, and the only reason that he posts his lies on ET is because he has a huge EGO that cries out for attention. Many of us have showed how he continually lies about his positions; yet, the moderators continue to give him a Forum to promote his huge ego and lies.

    Now that Riskarb has called this kid to the mat with a REAL bet, it's pretty funny how this kid behaves like a Little Boy running for Mommy.
  4. Take your friggin lithium, you total idiot. I'm not running from nothing, everyone else is who questioned my credibility.

    as far as riskarb, if he's betting me on my audit , that's great! If he has an audit and wants to bet on the comparison of them, thats great too. Risk arb, stick your nose in here and tell us you have an audit and the years of the audit, so we can get moving.

    So who's running?

    And BTW, i'm now offering 2 to 1 odds on the fact that my audit is very real and very impressive over a period of 5+ years.
  5. He's either lying or has a small dick. I don't need to take his bet to know he's a windbag.
  6. Ha! thats funny groupie boy!

    The results of this poll are worthless anyway since longshit will vote at least 10 times when all is said and done.
  7. I already challenged you one week ago today, to a $10,000 bet that I am not Nolan-Vinny-Sam, nor do I have any other screename on ET.

    You never replied back to me.
    Just like you have not replied back to Riskarb's e-mails.
  8. "Groupie boy"? LOL, your riposte is a little disappointing. At least other kooks on this board like FPC are interesting. The only thing worse than an ass is a boring ass.
  9. I'm calling you out, man!

    Time to pony up $10,000 and bet me that I am Nolan-Vinny-Sam like you have been saying for the past several months.

    Gonna wimp out now and run home to Mommy?

  10. not only saying, BUT replying with YOUR quotes AND REPLACING your nick with MINE on the quote line!!!!!:eek: :p

    what a loonie!!!

    I feel sorry for Mommy..he must be crying up a storm :D :D :D
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