Saying "Thank You"

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    Learning to say "thank you" can improve your results dramatically.

    Say "thank you" when exit with a profit, even if the move keeps going!

    Say "thank you" when you get stopped out, even at the high or low tick, because your stops keep you in business - and every business has it's overhead.

    You'll find you not only improve your results, but also your day will be much more pleasant.

    Thank you for sharing your time with me me!
  2. Thank you

  3. Thank you!

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    what wit me me thing but thank you anyway.
  5. What are you drinking tonight? I'm drinking red wine because I'm out of Guinness.
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    you are hysterical, Aooow! Hoo!
  7. Thank You...
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  9. say thank you when you get traded through, or faked in/out, etc. it's a good habit. and, it can be good for you to get smacked around once in a while. honestly.
  10. say "thank you" for having another day to trade...
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