Say your friend, a fellow trader,

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  1. Say your friend, a fellow trader, approaches you and says "I have discovered the holy grail - I never lose - I win every trade"....
    What do you say?
    Is there a polite way to tell him that he's full of shit and that you dont believe him?
  2. How about "I am sceptical of your claim, it seems outlandish."
  3. I would definitely want to se it.
  4. MTE


    Tell him you wanna see his trackrecord for inspiration.:D
  5. me1969


    "Winning every trade" sounds like living forever. This could be boring like hell :D
  6. Mr B

    Mr B

    I would say "if you won every trade, you wouldn't be talking to me, you'd be away trading"
  7. Instead of being rude (you did say he is a friend)...

    Why can't you just ask him to show you in front of your own two eyes.

    In other words, go over to his house and watch him trade.

    If every trade is profitable that day...revisit him again and so on.

    If he continues to be profitable on every trade.

    You may get lucky into getting a glimpse of what he's doing without having to ask nor without being rude.

    However, if you meant as in an online friend...

    Ask for PnL statements (ones that show the details of each trade) especially if he's consistent in telling you that he is profitable on every trade.

    If he's not a friend...I guess its ok to challenge him, call him names, make demands et cetera. :D :p :D

  8. Id ask him what hes smokin'
  9. Just because he's "winning every trade" doesn't mean he's making substantial money on it.
  10. Mr B

    Mr B

    making money on every trade....there's a word for that...."broker"
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