Say you have 50$ and no education.... What are your options.

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  1. Curious on peoples opinion about this. Most talk on economics is like say you have 5 milion what asset to buy what asset you sell...

    How about if you had a stroke of bad luck, came from a poor home, made stupid mistakes and you are 25 with no money and no education...
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    Don't confuse education with credentials. Education is almost free (hard work needed), credentials from a central authority are becoming less and less important. Barriers to entry have to do more with networking than credentials. Work to get a excellent education from the sources below, then move to a large city. Silicon Valley has an event calendar that has 'entrepreneurial workshops' every single day of the month. Attend a new gathering every night and meet 10 new people and get their business cards. Find out what is happening and what additional education you need. At 25 I would forget the credential path it is a dead end road to nowhere.

    Buy hey, you asked.

    Source page for prep clasess

    Excellent classes and the list is growing each month:

    Good article...

    No need for a single student loan....
  3. Your question does not suggest any physical or mental handicaps. Therefore the premise of your question is defeatist, imo. You've heard the expression "volume begets volume"? Well, thinking and doing begets thinking and doing!

    Whether you agree or not, your question stems from an elitist/entitlement mentality/attitude.
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    you become a stay at home dad of some working woman's children who are not your own.
  5. Say you have 50$ and no education.... What are your options.

    Somewhere...two people are going to exchange money. Get in between them.
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    Excellent option is joining the Air Force, have free way of life for 2-4 years and get paid, training, the start of a new life, do something good for your country, send home money. Other option of course is sell drugs and your life in one way or another is wasted just about as soon as you started.
  7. Go work a labor job in a good paying field like the oil drilling industry. There is plenty of work available paying ~$2500 a week plus living expenses. Forget about a city it will only mean debt and no savings. Save every penny and In 2 or 3 years if you haven't messed up or pissed your paycheck away on a huge truck and booze you should have enough money saved to start a business (maybe become a trader).
  8. That's what I would do, join the navy or air force.

    You could also do some labor job like landscaping. Once you have enough to buy your own lawnmower and a used truck then start mowing on your own.
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    (maybe become a trader)
    you need to become a trader from day one.
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    Develope a winning attitude, can do personality, will work hard and treat people well. Get a regular job anywhere that lets you watch the market most of the day,

    Great job would be an assistant to a very profitable realtor or FA, then swing trade futs, add, build up, add. Wash , rinse , repeat.

    See where you are in 3 years, in actuallity, your great attitude will probably you get an advancement wherever you are employed.

    Attitude first and foremost.

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