Say you got 30 k, Say you can trade too, you won't be making money with IB

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by G for God, May 6, 2009.

  1. G for God

    G for God

    if you take 30 k and trade futures with IB, the best you can do is 100% return in 8 months.
    You won't make it rich with IB in time and still be young.
    I am with IB now and with declining volatility and ridiculous margin requirements
    forget it
    but you guys still don't know how to trade so I imagine this isn't a problem for people on ET
  2. What do you mean with "IB"? Your conclusion is a disconnected fallacy. You can replace "IB" with "X".

    "Say you got 30 k, Say you can trade too, you won't be making money with X."

    This last claim is as disconnectd as yours. If you cannot make money with "IB" you cannot make money with any "X".
  3. lol
  4. Stop rationalizing your losses and fix your trading already.
  5. G for God

    G for God

    why do you have to be so dumb,

    learn to read dummy
  6. G for God

    G for God

    who mentioned loses, you dumb twat
  7. G for God

    G for God

    you are perhaps the dumbest of them all
  8. You are pathetic loser and just blame the fact your life is a life (no, not even a life, rather a wretched existence) of worthless loser on IB or whoever else, and you know it.

    Your existence is a waste of air on Earth, so you better go to the zoo and shove your hand to the terrarium of the most venomous snake you are able to find there... That's the best thing you can do to yourself and society. :D
  9. G for God

    G for God

    since you put some effort into your post

    I've decided to make a fool out of you in front of everybody in the whole world (with internet access)

    IB margin requirements for futures are the highest in the whole industry, 30 k can only buy you handful of contracts, thus you can not make as much money

    but you don't know any of that cause you are a typical paper trader on ET, loser for life aren't you :cool:
  10. No dude, you made fool of yourself, admitting that without taking insane risks you are unable to pull any significant profits, what means your score in points is at very best truly pathetic (if exists at all). :D
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