Say NO to shorters shorting America and Democracy

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  1. The best way is to order your patriotic stock certificates. The fee is miniscule while the support to America is enormous.

    An other way is free but needs some of your time and care to support America. Put a limit sell order of your stock 25% above the market. Adjust it daily or weekly depending on the volatility of the market.

    If you have better ideas to support America, please let us know.
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    Think for yourself that is a better way.
  3. You sick fools who equate patriotism with buying stocks represent the LEAST PATRIOTIC of America, not the most.
  4. Not the brightest idea...

    WIth nobody short, who will take the other side of the fund sells when things are in panic? Without shorts the market would have opened even lower when it reopened following Sept. 11.

    Shorts dampen volatility in the markets (which has its pros and cons). THAT sounds patriotic to me.

  5. ertrader1

    ertrader1 Guest america by not shorting.?

    What kind of idiotic statment is this?

    Its like support american BUY AMERICAN......nothing is made in america any more......except consumer debt.....we have a lot of that.....9 to 5ers spending 5x what they make.

    Support AMERCIA.....our education system, including State Universities are crap, morons are in customer service, cant get anything done by a "Service" the first time.....Government is full of morons, both parties....the US citizen is less freerer today than yesterday.....

    support america...AMERICA IS REPRESENTED BY IDIOTS, IN ALL SIZES AND ALL SHAPES AND ALL COLORS. The only thing i support is out TROOPS because they are definding the IDEAS that are slowly being eroded due to stupidity and

  6. Shorting is as American as apple pie, and as old.
  7. Short futures on pullbacks and use most of the profits to buy into and add to your stock positions at these lower prices if you feel that this is a short term pullback. Get creative and rotate your positions to safety as needed to secure your capital during these unavoidable corrections. Use the corrections as futures shorts windfalls to fuel your other investments and America will be just fine.
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    "if you love me - buy me."

    the rest of the world calls it prostitution, american logic says it is patriotism.

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    You'e got to be kidding me! By your standard if I pump a stock from $2 to $14 in 2 days = I am a patriot. If I short this pump = I am a bad boy? :confused: This pullback is VERY VERY healthy to shake out all the weak bulls, all the idiots who started thinking AGAIN that the markets will go to the Moon. Recently many stocks went wild ("500-1000% in a week" variety) and when that happens you'll know that this must be the top.
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    Who wants to support America?

    Whats so democratic about a nation that installs a president who shouldn't even be there - who rigs his own votes.
    Is this USA or Iraq, Zimbabwe etc.

    OK, maybe the US citizens aren't so bad, but bush is a complete moron. His policies are corrupt and evil - pure evil.One reason the dollar is so low - who wants to buy US goods with bush in control.

    Thanks to bush, Americans are unfortunately despised across the world now. This is a shame as as individuals, I quite like them.

    America is NOT a democracy, its a republic (at best).
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