Say it ain't so, Jimmy!! A golf cheat???!!???

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  1. CNBC's Gasparino: Bear's Cayne Probed Over Golf Scores
    Companies:Bear Stearns Companies Inc
    By | 13 Jul 2007 | 06:33 PM ET

    CNBC has learned that the Hollywood Country Club in Deal, New Jersey is examining whether Bear Stearns [BSC 141.82 -1.07 (-0.75%) ] ceo Jimmy Cayne changed his golf scores to allow him to win the July 4th tournament at the club.
    Cayne's golf-game had made news earlier in the month after news reports said he had gone on a golf outing during some of the worst days in Bear's subprime hedge fund crisis.

    The Hollywood Golf Club president Harvey York has formed a three person committee to examine a complaint against Cayne, according to CNBC reporter Charlie Gasparino.

    Gasparino spent some time on the phone Friday with York to gauge the seriousness of the allegation.

    He told Gasparino that allegations of cheating occur all the time. York said the committee has thus far found no confirmation of cheating on Cayne's part.

    "What's different with this case? The guy is a public figure," said York.

    Gasparino reported on CNBC that "this is a single allegation. I've known Cayne for a long time, he's a straight up guy. But the long knives are coming out against him because of his troubles at Bear Stearns."
  2. He phucked-up at BSC. It's time to take his billion and move to FL.
  3. Where he can be another aged beached whale with a yacht and a Lexus and a reservation for the early bird special. Sounds enthralling...what an unappealing way to exit the world. :p
  4. Remember when the 3 Stooges get caught as spies in the Banana Republic, and the Castro - type figure says,,,,,,,,,,

    "Gentlemennnnnnnnnnnnn. You may chose the way inwhich you will die."

    Larry says, "that's easy. Old Age."

    so some poor 15 handicap bastard goes out in the July sun, working on his game, sweating his ass off, and Jimmie choppers in on July 4 and wins the pair of shoes from the pro shop.LOL. This is just to, to rich.
  5. Haha if that actually happened it is extremely funny and reckless..
  6. everybody loves a cheater!
  7. Maybe he can pair up with the WFMI guy?
  9. I am not the OP, but here is the link:

    After this people are going to start saying that the stock market isn't fair...
  10. Thank you for the link!
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