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    tobacco is now a drug.."Forty-five years after the first U.S. surgeon general's report linking cigarette smoking to lung cancer, the most deadly product sold in America will no longer be the least-regulated product sold in America," said Matthew Myers, president of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, in a statement earlier this month when Congress passed the bill.
  2. Hopefully, this new drug will be covered under prescription plans and let's not forget, drug addiction is a disease, smokers should qualify for disability.
  3. Never mind that 90% of people who smoke began at age 18 or younger. If cigarette smoking isn't an addiction from a powerful drug, I don't know what is.

    Anyone that claims otherwise is in DENIAL.
  4. The cost for a new company to enter the cigarette business now is much higher. Obama is again controlling industries by reducing competition. using any law he can find or make up to keep small business from becoming big.

    Small business is bad for unions, big business is good for unions
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  6. calling it an addiction simply gives people an excuse not to quit

    it's a habit, otherwise nicotine patches would work without fail. the act of smoking is 80% of it... the other 20% is surely pyschological... not physical

    i smoked cigarettes for ten years, i quit with a bit of discomfort after a few weeks.

    that was a while ago, haven't smoked a cigarette since, and yes, im smoking a cigar right now, if it kills me ... so be it. i gotta go somehow.

    tobacco is my ritual not my addiction...
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    Is alcohol next?
  8. cool

    smokers suck
  9. No. Soda and Cheetos are next.
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