Say goodbye to the Euro

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Gcapman, Jan 5, 2010.

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    cover eurjpy at 130.00
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    4(ex)sight is 20/20

  4. $ bears boned
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    That was not good news re: Chinese bank reserves........

    This is going to be real nasty!!!

    US retail sales should add to the weight!!!

    cover EURJPY at 122.00
  6. What ever happened to that guy here on ET who pounded his chest over how he exchanged his entire USD based futures trading account to EUR when it was trading at 1.50.

    "The USD is toast, I recommend everyone here to head for the safety of the EUR"

    Famous last words.
  7. We are still above the levels from where many pundits predicted The USD and Euro to reach parity about a year ago.:)
  8. I wonder how the Euro Zone will cope with all the looming hyperinflation this EUR crash will bring about?
  9. Tickets for the bus just spiked 20% here last month.:eek:
  10. Terrible. Wait for Belgian chocolate and German bratwurst to spike 500%. Should bring about blood in the streets :cool:
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