say goodbye to IB TWS flashing red bar?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by HooLee, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. HooLee


    Just found this new setting in TWS:

    Configure | View | Flash Buttelin

    Uncheck it and the red bar will not pop! Am I right?

    waiting to see...

    :cool: :)
  2. Great. That flashing red bar is annoying, especially recently with problems across different exchanges.

    It would be great however, if you could configure it to flash only for a specified exchange. If you read this Def, could you pass on this request to the programmers.
  3. HooLee


    It still pops but not flashing. Okay with me.
  4. a whole thread just for this?? geeeezz..:-(
  5. Are you suggesting that we only have half a thread or some other kind of partial thread?
  6. i am suggesting this is a dumb thread :-(

    and so is your idea
  7. A dumb idea to be visually notified when there is a problem only with the exchange(s) that one is using. I don't think it's that dumb. Do you use TWS?
  8. i downloaded the new tws just to get that feature.

    i would not agree that this is a dumb thread, in fact it has been one of the few threads that was immeadiatly usefull

    i hated that bulitan flash
  9. We also need to be able to choose the red in which the Bulletin will flash (or not) among at least 512 different shades. Def?
  10. Monsoon


    im new.. but is longshot always this crabby?
    #10     Dec 20, 2002