Say goodbye to Goldman Sachs

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  1. This stock is on the move and you guessed it,.... it isn't up.
    For Shits and Giggles let's play guess the bottom in the stock.
    I know this crap will be wallowing away for months and a bottom maybe months away as many new surprises will be coming out. but just for the fun of it....I will guess $50 and change. No support anywhere to be found.

    As soon as the next surprise hits the news you never really know where a stock ends up. I think this co will avoid BK but I think the stock will take out $100. Maybe it will maybe it won't.
    $50 and change is my guess.
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    I think straddles on GS are going to get very expensive.
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    Geeeez. I thought this was a serious thread. Silly me.
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    the stock has probably bottomed already. This SEC/GS fraud charge smells like fish. Since when does the government go after itself?

  5. Well the E-Mini and several indexes have recovered almost completely. There are some stocks trading even higher then pre-Goldman. However, despite the strong move up today Goldman just sat there in the red.

    Hint, hint, wink, wink, the market is tell you something. Its telling me they sold out of Goldman and placed the money to work in other areas of the market. GS is now a broken stock.
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    Agreed. Took a heavy short position in them today at 160. I will scale out at 150, 140, 130, and finally at 120. Safety stop at 172+.
  7. This company (GS) is obviously going to be a convenient whipping boy for the Obama administration for years.

    Its all about getting re-elected.

    I think it's wise to buy long dated puts on this stock. Strike price around 50 bucks is a good idea. It;s laughable to think this is going to 200 dollars, almost absurd.

    European governments will pick through the carcass after Obama is done.
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    Well you have to be a an employee, a paid endorser, spammer, yet anyone with a semblance of recall ability can be reminded of the weeks before the Bear stearns problem. Smells the same, looks the same..... BK for GS maybe. The joke is going to be the speed at which the killer shorts will come out in force to drop this sucker like it was never shorted before!; boy this storm is heating up! I just hope the money from the gvoernment will still be there when the offices are emptied out
  9. Give Lawyers a few Billion and the Government ends up paying damages to GS. What ever they are accused of will be dropped under a confidential settlement.
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    They have them on accounting fraud if they want to. GS should be quiet about this mini fraud case. Sec now looking into accounting at big 19. Gasparino sp? interesting interview linked on zerohedge. Talking about the possible fraud in all the financials, even by his old employer GE. Knowingly telling shareholders everything is fine, while disclosing to others, including Sec. Paulson, things were definitely not ok. Fraud. Countless class action shareholder suits and Enron style fraud cases. They may not go there. They may just let it go under the rug. But no one should be cocky.

    I would have thought the perp walks would have already happened, they have not. That doesn't mean everyone got away with it. Maybe they did get away with it, I just wouldn't be cocky that GS can just ignore it, and that the Sec case is weak... they have more where that came from, if they want it.

    Loopholes are good until you get called out. Pick a bank, any bank... If they want to take them down, they can. Gs said.. "We didn't need a bailout at all." Geitner said, "You are lying and you damn well know it." No response from GS. Walk on eggshells, or take it where the sun don't shine.
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