Say goodbye to Berkshire Hathaway

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  1. This stock is on the move and you guessed it,.... it isn't up.
    For Shits and Giggles let's play guess the bottom in the stock.
    I know this crap will be wallowing away for months and a bottom maybe months away as many new surprises will be coming out any day for brk.a and the whole banking mess... but just for the fun of it....I will guess $30000 and change. No support anywhere to be found.
    I think we take out the 52 week low within the next few weeks. As soon as the next banking surprise hits the news.
    You never really know where a stock ends up.
  2. Oh cool! Kinda like you did with FNM...only you were really, really wrong that time.

    From $14 allllllll the way down to $.67



    Good ol' Portie the Clown. Always good for a chuckle.

    But hey, think of it like this: You keep calling bottom after bottom after bottom, eventually you will get one right and can keep telling us how you correctly called the bottom of a stock!

    Perseverance is key Port. Stay the course.

    BTW- this should be in chit chat. Just another spam thread from Portie.
  3. There is a quote regarding rumors of death being exagerated..yea the Mark Twain one
  4. J J aapl

    J J aapl

    wow... way to bring up the past :D
  5. If the S&P 500 falls below 250, maybe.

  6. Slash


    yup, brk-a is going to zero!!! as we all know, buffett only buys stocks that are overpriced with no real value backing them up! was only a matter of time till he was toppled.

    i mean coca cola, gillette, GE, american express, wells fargo, GEICO, sees candy.....all nothing but lipstick on pigs! those companies will all be gone soon enough.
  7. dbell66


    I'm pretty sure that 99% of the know nothing timewasters that spend their days posting garbage on websites, will be gone long before this company.

    Revisit Berkshire Hathaway in about 10 years and see if it has ‘gone’

    I guarantee that their-

    Sales will be higher than today
    Profits will be larger than today
    Cash Flow will be larger than today
    And book value will be higher

    And all significantly so.

    What their share price does in the mean time depends on who shits their pants whenever the latest crystal ball gazer says ‘something bad’ is going to happen!
  8. Daal


    What makes you say 'significantly', rear view mirror?Guys like buffett did very well with their 'forget the macro picture' ideology because of the credit and prosperity bubble, every dip turns out WAS a buying opportunity and problems were quick to be solved, now the game is up.
    Future for forget macro guys will look nothing like the past

    Guys like Mohnish Pabrai are getting absolutely KILLED because he decided to delegate his thinking to buffett and bought into the 'you cant predict macro' BS, I will not be surprised to find out he(pabrai) is effectively out of business when US equities take another swoon

    Buffett will survive but forget past returns he will struggle just as the US economy will. In some cases some of his investments might even became writeoffs(Moodys, WFC, AXP, USB)
  9. Rex84


    betting against Buffett is like betting against God. Birkshire isn't going anywhere.
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