Saxon and Karl Rove offer Obama advice

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    "You have talent, intelligence and tapped into something powerful early in your campaign. But running for president is unlike anything you've ever done. You're making mistakes and making people worry that you're an elitist. So while you'll almost certainly win the nomination, Democrats are nervous about the fall. You've given them reasons to be."


    Dear Sen. Obama,

    I think there is one theme that will carry you through the various challenges that you face, both in the remainder of the primary season, and in the general election; namely the American Dream, which you have spoken of often, to great effect.

    There are two variations on that theme that resonate most strongly at a fundamental level with the electorate, and they are closely related: Patriotism, and Opportunity. What is common to both is the suggestion of "tradition". Tradition in some form, whether good or bad, is ultimately what stirs the heart.

    Patriotism, is the easiest to subvert, as is being done now by Sen. Clinton (in subtle ways) and WILL be done by Sen. McCain (massively) in the general campaign.

    Opportunity, is YOUR particular strength, and I am suggesting this as the focus of your campaign, all the way through to November. "Give the people a level playing field, and hard work WILL pay off."

    None of the other candidates can preach that message, or stand as a living example of it, like you can; and "preach" is the right word. The stirred emotion of that vision--a nation united toward the fulfillment of the common dreams of all Americans, dependent only on hard work--will wash away all of the mindless flag waving, and fruitless sacrifice (of Sen. McCain in Vietnam, for example), and join us in the pursuit of a new and better future that we ourselves can control.

    The American Dream:

    Sermon #1: "America, right or wrong. America, love it or leave it. America, land of failure with honor??"

    Sermon #2: "America, land of freedom and opportunity...and risk. America, land of personal responsibility. America, land of hard work and determination."

    Please keep preaching sermon # 2. I am certain that in the end, the voters will recognize the 2nd message as the authentic American Dream, and respond from their hearts.