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  1. Electric - I have friends trading with FX Solutions who are very happy with them. Withdraw their money OK when they want to -have been using them for almost a year. And you can hedge if you want to - and they offer higher leverage than Oanda - if those two criteria are important to you.

    Frege - With the greatest of respect I don't think Danish law is going to protect a non Danish resident. I fly home to the UK today and will be calling UK brokers who also have to protect clients funds up to 40K euro's - must be a EU thing - I thought it was just the UK's Financial Service Authority.

    Merry Xmas everyone. Here's to a peaceful and profitable 2006!
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    Your money are safe according to Danish laws and EU regulations. So enjoy your flight...
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  3. Your money is never safe with these clowns.
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  4. Thank you. I'll be using my trip home to do my due diligence. I'll let you know my findings upon my return.

    Merry Xmas. :)
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  5. I'm listening. Merry Xmas. :)
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  6. :D

    risk - I'm glad you're on these boards.
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  7. ha, thanks. merry xmas
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    Unlike US brokers, your money is safe with all brokers inside EU, because there is a EU insurance system, which covers the loss you get, if your broker goes broke. Believe it or not...
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  9. That's beside the point we're discussing. Will the "EU insurance system" compensate you for your dealer's unfair dealing practices?
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    I also have account in Saxo, Oanda and in the third US broker. Every has its + and - .

    I think it's not right to have all sum of money in the hands of one broker. Diversification is the important element of money management.

    By the way, I don't know how it's now but in past if your account was more then 50-100K you could open a segregated Oanda account with JP Morgan Chase bank.
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